About the company

The history of the company

The company was established in 1992, first as a sales office for Brunnthaller GmbH Co.KG, the second largest Austrian supplier of animal husbandry technology. Brunnthaller, a company with a long tradition in the manufacturing and sale of animal husbandry technology particularly to farms in Austria and Germany, subsequently created conditions for implementing their business plan in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Growth on the Czech market

Since becoming an independent company and with an increasing number of customers the importance of Brunnthaller on the Czech market has progressively grown. The number of producers and suppliers the company does business with is likewise increasing, both at home and abroad. The Czech branch of the mother company gradually became a more independent unit. In 1993 Brunnthaller - CS s.r.o. (Ltd.) was founded as a daughter unit of the mother company. The mother company’s business activities in Austria were terminated in 1998-1999 and the daughter company became an independent Czech company. The original name and logo of the company were retained due to tradition. In 2002 all of the rights to the name and assets were purchased from the Austrian organization and Brunnthaller - CS s.r.o. became a family Czech company.

Expansion of production

The company currently provides its customers comprehensive services related to the implementation of technological lines for automating work in animal production. In addition to the traditional farming branches for raising cattle and pigs the company also provides devices and equipment for raising horses and poultry, and in some cases even food production, feeding, and processing factory devices and equipment such as conveyor systems and air conditioning systems.

First-rate foreign technology

The company has its own design and basic manufacturing capabilities and also works with renowned design offices in Pardubice and Třebíč. The company provides constant service and logistic assistance to customers according to their needs. Technological and technical working groups harmonize domestic products with first-rate components imported from top producers in France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Penetration of foreign markets

The company exports products mainly to Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Slovakia. The company began exports to the Russian Federation in 2006 and is making attempts to enter the markets in Lithuania and Ukraine.

Brunnthaller - CS, s.r.o. 

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