Tank covers

Uses of the HEXA - COVER

In the future liquid manure tanks will face stiffer requirements on covering the surface with a tarp, cover, housing, or some kind of floating layer which significantly reduce ammonia emissions in comparison with uncovered tanks.

This requirement can be resolved in a number of ways.

One of these is to cover the stored liquid manure with floating plastic segments.

HEXA – COVER is a new type of flexible cover for liquid manure tanks.


    The principle of the system is based on creating a plastic floating layer composed of hexagonal segments manufactured of 100% treated polypropylene.

    When liquid manure is poured into the liquid manure tank the individual segments realign themselves and create an unbroken layer.

    This type of tank cover has been tested at the Agricultural Institute in Germany.

    Tests on small tanks showed that these floating segments significantly reduced ammonia emissions.

    It is technically possible to infer that the system will work in a similar fashion to reduce ammonia emissions with larger tanks.

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