Liquid feed

The TEWE liquid feed system is specially designed for precise feed dosage. This is ensured by a special delivery valve, which is a membrane valve controlled by two differential pressures


    • The feeder is also equipped with the BIO-Control system, which is able to calculate the period of feeding and extrapolate the amount of food according to the appetite of the animal.
    • This feature optimizes the measurement of feed doses. The system is extremely simple. The computer uses a sensor to determine that an animal ate too fast and is able to increase the feed dosage at the next feeding by a predetermined amount.
    • Likewise, if the animal ate too slowly the computer will lower the dosage at the next feeding. The TEWE system offers classic liquid feeds as well as a system of special tube flushing – Hydrofeed (flushed with water) and Airfeed (flushed with air).
    • This system guarantees that the entire feed line is maintained in a perfect sanitary condition.

    Our liquid feeding systems feature:  

    ·         phased, multi-phased, bio-phased

    ·         loss-free

    ·         sensors for hogs and suckling pigs

    ·         feed for sows

    ·         special feed for shoats

    All basic models feature micro dosing of components, dosing of medication into tubes or mixer, precise dispensation, and perfect record keeping.

    The simultaneous mixing and dispensation from several mixers is a standard feature of the software. The liquid feeding programme comes in seven language versions (English, German, Czech, Russian, French, Danish, and Polish).

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