Outstanding features of our troughs

  • resistant against lactic acid
  • age resistant
  • resistant agains acids and alkalis
  • high shape durability
  • taste and odour neutral
  • physiologically defect free
  • highly accurate design
  • product meets "Compliance Declaration"


    Placement method

    The trough is set on a bed of high-quality concrete and adjusted to the desired position.

    A gap of approximately 2 mm is left between individual troughs; after the concrete has dried fill in the gaps with the bonding agent included and immediately (within 15 minutes) clean thoroughly.

    Follow the instructions for the bonding agent carefully. Concrete the base of the trough.

    Partition installation

    Both connecting partitions must be thoroughly cleaned, for example by sandpaper, after which the bonding agent can be applied.

    The partition is adjusted to the required position and the excess bonding agent is removed.


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