• Ventilators are manufactured in numerous variations: for attaching to the wall (with protective grille) and for installing in an extraction chimney   


    The body of the ventilator is manufactured of highly resistant materials with a heavy emphasis on resistance against corrosion.

    The ventilator blades are manufactured of resistant aluminium alloys.

    The entire ventilator is treated with a surface finish and is extremely well sealed.

    The construction of the ventilators is verified through long-term experience from their use in dusty, humid, and corrosive environments.

    The ventilators are energy efficient and extremely quiet.

    Power supply for ventilators

    • Power supply is either 230V or 400V
    • The electrical ventilator cover has a IP55(65) rating
    • The ventilators can be easily connected to a control unit to enable complete automatic control of barn ventilation
    • We also supply large volume ventilators for barns
    • These ventilators are also suitable for cattle barns
    • They are equipped for summer months and humid air
    • The ventilators are manufactured of zinc-plated metal and the fan blades are of stainless steel

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