SOLID doors

The SOLID doors were designed for industrial plants. They are waterproof, impact-resistant, and include fire-stopping model.

The door structure is manufactured from certified plastic materials designated for industry and food processing.

The door surface up to 2 mm ABS resistant, the inside part is made from the EPS plate (special cured polystyrene suitable for door structure). The doors can be glassed-in with break-resistant acrylic glass in place of conventional glass. Lock and hinges are surface cured with two-generation zinc coating for high charges of external influences.


    Door applications: washers, eating rooms, hospitals, car repair services, business rooms, kitchens, swimming pools, chemical plants, disinfected rooms, underground rooms, dusty workplaces, paint-shops, settlements, slaughter-houses, dairies, milking houses and other rooms where no ordinary door could hold out.

    • Various colour arrangements: gray - RAL 7040, white - RAL 9003, red - RAL 3031, blue - RAL 5015, fire-stopping doors with EI 30 DP3 resistance (other colours of doors and door-frames according to RAL colour card with individual calculation)
    • Glazing with clear acrylic lass of 4 mm thickness
    • Lock (72 mm spacing) and nickel hinges in price included
    • The doors can be fixed in both steel and aluminium frames
    • Atypical door dimensions are calculated individually
    • The price of double wing door is the double of single-wing door
    • We deliver various door models with both stainless steel and plastic fittings

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