Tanks for slurry storage

The tanks are designed as bolted elevated bins consisting of separate elements. Customer receives a project design developed base on his requirements concerning tank volume and respecting additional constructional conditions.


  • The slurry tanks are delivered either in open or covered forms. The bottom of reservoir is made of concrete as standard. The tank can be equipped with a manhole, outlet branch, spill tube, ladder with a platform etc. For stored medium homogenisation serves a submersible stirrer. For both tank filling and drainage serve slurry pumps. The tank diameter can range between 4 and 50 meters, and in addition to tanks with standard diameters and volumes, specific tanks according to customer requirements can be delivered.
  • The sheet metals are manufactured from the S 350 high quality sheets. The particular metal sheet thickness and type of perforation are designed in accordance with the valid Eurocode 1 and Eurocode 3 standards. 
  • The zinc-coated sheets are equipped with a special two-layer baked-on coating designated for slurry storage.

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