Trouble free weighing

Flexible and easy – for all-purpose use

Animal back forcing possible

Easy and sophisticated operating: Convenient ,,remote“ door control with possible set-up for opening or closing: Automated entry  – back gate remains open – control for animal entry or its back forcing - switch the control linkage to the other side of the link and the animal is pulled back to the entrance gate



The weight can be easily shifted owing to wheels and transport holders.

Because of the minimum width (58 cm only) the scale can be used in small passages.

Perfect cleaning and disinfection.

All the cables and elastic elements are stored in the frame.

Light aluminium design. Robust strain gages resisting to impacts and humidity.

Low frame building height of 7 cm provides for trouble free entry of the animals in the scale.

Simple operation – high productivity.

Battery operation (recharging). Connection to PC and printer


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