Pasteurizer – TDM

For calf rearing it is an indispensable aid.




  • Stainless design
  • Efficient and quick milk mixing
  • Easy milk transport from milking plant to feed preparation room
  • Milk temperature validity check

The heat treatment of milk is performed in batch mode in whole tank volume of 200, 300, and 500 litters
Milk heat treatment reduces level of pathogenic organisms and enables direct calf feeding with milk without any danger of contagious diseases.
The milk is heated in the double stainless mantle container.
The equipment is heated by water warmed up by heating elements circulating between two mantles.
Water circulation is provided by pump; the circulation is free from pressure.
After holding time on pasteurizing temperature of 67.5 – 70.0 °C the milk is cooled down by cooling water


The whole pasteurizing process is controlled by unsophisticated PLC programming unit.
The equipment is delivered in assembled state


Technical features

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