The Greenstall cubicle brings ease and comfort in the barn

Elastic side fences made from plastics are fixed upon steel elements to prevent animal injury and respect welfare in breeding


  • These cubicles meet all the demanding requirements for cattle welfare
  • Compared to common steel arches they provide more room for both animal lying and standing
  • Proprietary solution of stop-cocks grant more comfort for dairy cows
  • Fences prevent animals from injury



Cubicle design:

The GreenStall cubicles can be placed and used both in new livestock stands and adapted objects.

The easy assembly, setting flexibility, and performance without barriers designate the GreenStall cubicles generally for all the cattle breeding.

The applied materials und surface treatments enable perfect maintenance, cleanness and long service life.

This diagram of dairy cow standing and lying was created back in 1969.
Notice how much room needs a dairy cow while lying down: the total lengths in this phase equals up to 280 cm.
Very interesting are also the values in the nape area, head location or breast position.
The GreenStall cubicles enable effectively to use the room in front of the dairy cow, because no tubes in lengthwise direction are applied.
This solution favourably supports continuous lying down or standing up.
The elastic fences produce impression of free room and minimal restriction for the animal which is under moderate pressure forced to lie down.

The applied elastic materials assist animal while taking its comfort position eliminating any injury.



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