Rubber mats

Rubber mats, which create a thermally insulated surface, are used in stables without bedding for horses and cattle and for the transport of these animals

The mats are anti-skid, resistant, and easy to clean

We offer rubber mats and panels in black with a hammered profile. We can cut mats according to the needs of customers


    Mechanical-physical qualities

    ·       Hardness (oSh) 68 +/- 3

    ·       Density (g/cm3 ) 1.39 +/- 0.03

    ·       Stability (Mpa) min. 4.8

    ·       Ductility (%) min. 170


    Warranty  12 months

    Storage according to DIN 7716


    rolls – on wooden wheels with a diameter of 300 mm; rolls are wrapped.

    panels – stacked flat on pallets or rolled individually.

    Rubber mats with a hammered profile

    Rubber mats with a hammered profile are manufactured in 10-50 m rolls; upon agreement longer rolls can be produced.  The bottom side can be smooth or with a textile imprint, which makes it easy to adhere the mat to various surfaces

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