Mattress - SMART

Universal, comfort mattresses of the highest quality for cattle


  • The SMART is manufactured from abrasion-proof India rubber imparts the mattress not only its softness and elasticity, but also its natural roughness, for it is made in single procedure step.
  • It is revolutionary bedding system 
  • The SMART is a revolutionary bedding system. Scientific reports proved maximum comfort for livestock and minimum time consumption for men



       Smart = smartness
    New design and material of the highest quality make form the Smart something more than a simple mattress

      Smart = cleanness
    The cleanness is secured by an excellent animal loading arrangement thanks to great rubber segment density.

       Smart = speed
    The Smart mattress application is quick and easy thanks to its intelligent connection system.

     Why particular the Smart mattress?

    • Easy adaptation to various box types
    • Elimination of though passing and prevention of possible injuries
    • The cushioning material can consist up to 70% organic materials
    • Protected by European patent
    • It reduces the bed wear to minimum


    • Length:  170 cm 
    • Width:   125 cm
    • Height:  4.5 cm
    • Weight:  60 kg

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