Battery driven scraper

JOZ – MANURE ROBOTS automatic scraper


  • Full automatic process based on preconfigured program
  • Re-adjustment for any stable possible
  • Relevant operation information can be saved on chip card


  • Benefits

Easy installation

  • Performance

Tilting cleaner blades and two spreading shoulders provide for good adaptability to inequalities in concrete floor and guarantee clean work process

Mechanic spreading of the both shoulders at the channel beginning

On the way back the shoulders and cleaner blades are lifted again not to gather the dung water from the floor

  •  Automation

Working cycle programming

Remote control as standard

Re-adjustment for any stable possible 

  • Autonomous working process

Automatic battery recharging via induction-coils without any electric contact

Electric energy saving (up to 20 x less than in case of mechanic system)

  • Work safety

When the resistance grows too big the scraper simply stops

No electric shock danger (operating voltage 24V only)

No danger resulting from chains or ropes

At work no supervision necessary


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