The Fitmix station is intended for feeding dry feed mixes to pregnant sows, with the possibility of moistening the feed.

The station can be used for three types of feeding: Ad libitum, daily controlled doses, and in a regime of individual doses according to the needs of the animals.


In combination with a conveyor Fitmix becomes a completely automated system.

Operations in the entire station are controlled by the station's own processor.

The sows must therefore be furnished with an identification chip; the system is then able to identify a specific animal and determine the size and composition of the feed dose.  

The entire process begins when the sows come to the feed spout.

The sows are identified by an antenna located above their heads and according to set parameters feeding either starts or is not permitted.

When the station determines that a sow cannot be fed the catch at the end of the feed tube does not open. On the other hand, the catch opens when the system determines that a sow is entitled to eat.

We recommend that the station be connected to a PC for simple service and a better overview of the situation in the barn.

The station is manufactured of stainless steel combined with highly resistant plastic components. The station can easily be set directly within an area with barriers or can be secured in an open area.

The station has low energy requirements and is highly resistant against jolts in the aggressive barn environment.

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