The Intec 6000 feeding station is specially produced for barns with group sow breeding.

The capacity of the station is 55-60 sows.

The station is fully automatic and highly resistant against jolts and corrosion.


The system operates by identifying chips implanted on sows and allowing the pigs access to the station.

Dry or wet feed is precisely dispensed into a hinged trough according to the set feeding amount for the sow.

The feed is moistened as it is dispensed.

The station weighs unconsumed feed and this leftover amount is added to subsequent visits.

The station can even be attached directly to pens.

The station is manufactured of stainless steel combined with zinc-plated metal and highly resistant plastic components. The entire system is controlled by the MILAN processor and terminal.

We recommend connecting the entire system to a PC for a better overview of the movement of the animals and their behaviour in the barn.

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