Steel silos

Steel silos are manufactured as segments of milled zinc-plated material

SouvisejĂ­cĂ­ produkty

Silos are delivered unassembled and are composed of several parts which are then screwed together and sealed with special mastic.

The load bearing construction of the silos is zinc-plated steel.

The body of the silo is equipped with a climbing ladder covered by a hatch basket.

Legs are attached to the perimeter of the silo.

A pipe with a flange serves for pneumatic filling and ventilation.

Dimensions of silos vary by model.

Silos are used to store loose or granular material with a weight of up to 600 – 800 kg/m3.

The legs enable the silo to be used on a concrete foundation at an altitude of up to 800 m above sea level, either inside or outside.

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