Fibreglass silos

Fibreglass silos are manufactured as a shell and the silo is separated vertically into two halves. 

The silos have European Community and ISO 9002 certification.

The silos are delivered unassembled; the two halves are then screwed together.


The load bearing construction of the silos is zinc-plated steel.

The body of the silo is equipped with a climbing ladder covered by a hatch basket.

Hollow legs are attached to the perimeter of the silo; in addition to their load-bearing function the legs also serve for the pneumatic filling of the silo with loose material and for grounding the silo.

Dimensions of silos vary by model.

Silos are used to store loose or granular material with a weight of up to 600 - 800 kg/m3.

The legs enable the silo to be used on a concrete foundation at an altitude of up to 700 m above sea level, either inside or outside.

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