Floating segments

Floating hexagonal segments are resistant against damage and have a long life span:
HEXA – COVER floating segments can cover all natural liquid materials, liquid manure, and other substances.


    In the event that additional materials are floating on the surface of the liquid manure or other liquid substance these segments can still form a floating layer.

    The segments are made of plastic material, resistant particularly to impact from stirrers, and are designed with special ribs to prevent them from shifting over one another during windy conditions.

    When the liquid manure is being stirred the segments float to the side and avoid being damaged.

    As soon as mixing is completed the segments reform into a unified layer.

    The size and shape of these floating segments prevent them from entering and clogging the pump or suction pipes.

    The floating segments can also be collected from the surface and after cleaning be used for a different tank or discarded as standard plastic waste.


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