Reinforced concrete floor grates

These products are certified by State Testing Centre No. 204 and inspected by the German Test Institute in Munich.

Our grates can be found in barns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Finland.

Animal technology requirements are fully respected in the design and production of the grates along with the latest information from science and research.


The grates that we supply are guaranteed to have the following qualities:

·       high self-cleaning capabilities

·       do not injure the legs of animals

·       the dry surface of the grate limits the chance of infection – this is achieved through the use of high-strength B 55 concrete with special additives to ensure that the surface is not permeable.

·       the optimized dimensions ensure easy handling of the grates during installation

·       highly precise design

·       long life span

Outstanding qualities of our grates:

·       low construction height with an optimum width for being tread on

·       fast flow through of excrement – the grate remains dry and clean

·       reinforced edges are resistant against breaking

·       long material lifetime

·       full conformity with DIN standards thanks to computer controlled production

·       easy handling provided by relatively low weight for the size of the grates

·       highly accurate design

·       product meets “Compliance Declaration ”

·       grates comply with EU norms


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