Watering troughs

Heated watering troughs are intended for large groups of sows and for hogs in conditions where temperatures fall below freezing (the water inlet pipe to the trough is also heated)

The troughs are manufactured of stainless steel in lengths of 1 m and 2 m.

The float chamber does not reduce the usable volume of water and is equipped with a float valve with a high flow rate (important during large consumption).

The heated feeding troughs are equipped with low-input electrical heating against freezing (a thermostat can be used to automatically switch on the heating when temperatures are below +5°C) and full cleaning (without a separate chamber for the heating body where food remnants ferment).

The troughs are intended to be built in and are delivered with a solid zinc plated stand, with a tilting trough (for better cleaning), and a covered box for connecting water and the power supply.

Water is connected to a built in ½” valve and the entire inlet is protected against freezing by a heating cable.  

During installation the stand is easily set in a horizontal position (enabled by adjustable legs); the legs can also be set in concrete.

At the customer’s wishes an anti-defecation barrier can also be installed.

After the trough is set in the stand no additional construction measures are required.


Technical specifications

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