MEDITRON medication dose dispenser

The MEDITRON proportional medication dose dispenser

TheMeditron is a medication dose dispenser that does not require electricity

The medication dispenser is installed directly to the watering station and uses pressure from the water

Water flowing through the medication dispenser activates the pump, which extracts the selected percentage of concentrated solution directly from the container


·       Precise dose dispensation

·       Externally adjustable dose dispensation

·       Low pressure loss

·       Operable at low flow and water pressure rates

·       Simple operation and maintenance

·       Legible dose dispensing scale

·       A homogenous mixture at the outlet

·       Large range of concentrations

·       Table of parameters

·       Self-extracting up to 4 m

·       Max. operational temperature 40°C; built-in filter 350 µm



Inside the medication dispenser the concentrated solution mixes with the flowing water.

Concentrate dosing will always precisely correspond to the amount of water flowing through the medication provider and is not dependent on a change in the water pressure.

The highly precise medication dispenser eliminates the risk of excessive dosing, and thus helps protect the environment.

The Meditron is an index dose dispenser in which the solution is extracted in a set proportion with respect to the flow rate in the device.

Description of operation: install the dose dispenser directly to the water pipe or on a bypass pipe.

The Meditron uses the flow and pressure of water as a source of energy.

The water drives the Meditron piston, which is connected to the dose provider plunger.

This extracts the set percentage of concentrate directly from the tank and injects it into the water.

Inside the Meditron the concentrate mixes with water and the water pressure takes the mixture to the outlet.

The Meditron can be used for dispensing all standard liquids or soluble agricultural preparations (additional fertilizer to irrigation, plant care), animal production (dispenser of nutritional preparations and medications), food production industry (mixing juices, flavoured syrups, colourings...), water treatment (disinfection, chlorinator), and in industry (proportioning oils and other ingredients, cooling emulsions). The dose of the injected solution is always proportional to the volume of water flowing through the dispenser. Dispensing is not dependent on changes in flow rates or water pressure.


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